Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Thrifty St. Patrick's Day

Last year I found a bag full of St. Patrick's day decorating bits and pieces at the thrift store for less than a dollar. In it were 3 felt shamrock ornaments, 2 small plastic doll sized lucky hats with elastic straps, 3 pieces of "Kiss me I'm Irish ribbon in different lengths, and 5 mini Lucky glitter hats, that had apparently been pokes, only one of the hats actually still had a wire stem in it. This year I decided to see how I could use all these items to decorate for the holiday.

The ornaments were easy, all I did was add some of my beloved glitter to them, and re-do the hanging cords, so they would hang faceing forward.

The small plastic doll hats were easy too, I just put them on two of my teddy bears. I made a few pin on bow ties, and a headband for the teddy bears, out of the ribbons.

And I made these little glitter hats into ornaments.I could'nt put a whole through the center in the top, because of the thick shaft in the middle that had held the stems, so I just put a spot of glue in the center of the top, laid a piece of yarn across it and left it overnight to dry. The next day I glued a tiny white flower to the top of the hat, tied the ends of the yarn togeather, and frayed the ends to make it look like a tassel, and ta..da, I now have 8 ornaments, and a bunch of well dressed St. Patrick's day teddy bears to celebrate with. :)

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