Sunday, March 6, 2011

St. Patrick's Glitter Clothespins

I just recently recieved a few fabric postcards for Valentine's Day, from my friends "KristyRecycles" and "peace2knit." They were from a "Valentine's Card Swap" on the "Trash to Treasure" group at I wanted to hang them on a banner that I recieved from my friend and swap partner, "minervas-hand," from a "Valentine's Day Swap", also on the "Trash to Treasure" group, with some mini heart clothespins I've had for years. The thickness of the banner and the cards togeather were just too thick for the little clothespins, so I decided to make a few sets of full sized decorated pins to use instead.
I knew St. Patrick's day was only a few weeks away, so some of the sets I made were for this green holiday. They have to be done in steps, over a few days, so I did this craft right after Valentine's day was over. The:

1st step - was to paint the pins with a foam brush and acrylic craft paint, then let them dry.

2nd step - the next day, was to paint the pins with the foam brush and glitter glue, then let them dry.

3rd step - the next day was to glue on the shamrocks, which I salvaged from a St. Patrick's day necklace, then let the glue dry.

Then my pins were ready to use.

*If you don't have glitter glue, you can just paint the pins with regular craft glue, or elmers school glue, and then sprinkle with loose glitter.

It's so much fun finding different treasures to glue on to these pins, and crafting your own decorations, and this is such a simple project, that with a little supervision, the kid's can help you with them. Outdoors on a not too windy day is best. :)

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