Sunday, March 6, 2011

Simple Shamrock

I was looking for a cute and easy shamrock pattern to crochet, to add to some of my crochet and craft projects for St. Patrick's day. I found a few I liked, but they did'nt have that little dip in the middle of each leaf that I was looking for, so I played with hook and yarn, and came up with this quick and cute little pattern that I want to share with you.

Pic's of the seperate shamrocks will be up as soon as I can get a descent shot. :)

*If you want to add a button to the center of your shamrock, you need to start by leaving a long enough piece of yarn at the beginning, before you make your slip knot, to attach it with.


Ch 4, join with sl st in beginning ch, to form a ring (or you can start with a magic ring). :)

Rd 1- *ch 3 - counts as 1st dc, (trc, dc, trc in ring), ch 3 - counts as dc, sl st in ring* (one leaf made). Repeat from * to *, 2 or 3 x, depending on wether you want to make a 3 or 4 leafs on your shamrock. After the last sl st, ch as many as you like for your stem. Fasten off

*If you want to make it into a bookmark, make the ending chain longer, and add a tassel, a charm, or a button to the end. You can even make a double chain, and attach them when you finish the leaves, by leaving a longer piece at the beginning before you crochet the leaves, then crocheting over it, into the circle, it will be right beside the finishing length where you need it, to start the second chain. Just do a sl st every 3 or 4 ch, to attach them to each other.

*If you want to applique it to another project, like a purse, a banner, or a square, etc., leave a long enough tail to sew it onto your project with.

* you can also make them into ornaments by adding a beaded hanger to the top.

I hope you enjoy this simple pattern! :)

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